Ozone Torque v1


2 thoughts on “Ozone Torque V1 Kiteboard Review

  1. Steve says:

    HI Guys I have a couple of questions about the ozone Torque compared to the code as I see you have tested them. Im 70kg been kiting for a long time I mostly ride small kites in big wind 30knts mixture surfaces (bigair with kiteloops) so looking at the smallest boards. On paper the code looks better for this but I have been told the Torque is the one to get. What I want to no is witch one holds the edge and control better in overpowered conditions ? And what is the faster board if any difference ? Cheers Steve

    • karl says:

      Hi Steve
      The code is more of a free ride board, it’s great for boosting when powered however due to its shape you can’t edge as hard,
      What I was extremely impressed with was how well you can hold an edge on the torque and just the speed it travels for the shape, it’s a very fast poppy explosive board.
      Has to be the best board I have personally ridden in a few years and that comes from a lot of testing.
      The only downside to the torque is that it doesn’t handle the chop as well but if you want to push yourself this board will take you where you want to go

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