AXIS BSC 890 Carbon Hydrofoil wing



Axis BSC 890

For BSC we use a refined foil section, with extensive speed range, and stability. This makes the BSC wings ideal for all levels of riders and conditions. The Axis BSC 890 / 810 / 740 sizes are designed for performance PRONE, WINGING and KITE foiling. These wings are stable, fast and turn on a dime. 

The BSC 1120 and BSC 1060 are the easiest wings for all levels, heavier riders and all rounders for WING, SUP, WAKE and PUMP. Very early lift, butter smooth riding, good speed range, and great turning for their size. The BSC 970 could be the all levels wing for all styles and levels of riding. The 890-810-740 are faster, more technical wings, designed for the skilled SUP, PRONE, WINGING riders who are looking for higher performance in a very easy to ride package.


Technical Data Axis BSC 890

  • WINGSPAN: 890 mm / 35inches
  • MAX CHORD: 170mm / 6.7inches
  • ASPECT RATIO: 6.43
  • ACTUAL AREA 1290 square cm / 200 square inches
  • PROJECTED AREA: 1232 square cm / 191 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1697 cubic cm / 104 cubic inches

Recommended use:

WING Surfing for all levels and medium + conditions. Super stable for the size. Downwinding – Medium+ conditions and intermediate+ level. SUP / Surf – Medium+ conditions and intermediate level. Wake foiling – Intermediate+ level. Pump foiling – Intermediate+ level. Windsurf foiling – Intermediate+ level. Kite foiling – Ideal for all styles, levels and conditions

When you purchase the Axis BSC 890 carbon hydrofoil wing Axis include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage

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