AXIS HPS 650 – Carbon Hydrofoil wing



AXIS HPS 650 Carbon Wing

The Axis 650 HPS hydrofoil carbon front wing is the smallest wing of the HPS family. Designed for high winds with a handwing, towing big and fast waves, kite foiling in all conditions, and lightweight riders looking for high performance on an easy to ride setup.

Technical Data:

  • WINGSPAN: 650 mm / 25.5 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 140mm
  • ASPECT RATIO: 5.68
  • ACTUAL AREA 744 square cm
  • CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5
  • VOLUME: 716 cubic cm / 43.75 cubic inches

Recommended use AXIS HPS 650:

  • Winging for intermediate and advanced levels. High wind conditions. Speed wing. Also for lightweight riders looking for the performance setup.
    The HPS 650 is designed for speed and high winds. It turns on a dime, is very stable when dropping on proper waves with the wing, and feels intuitive and easy while performing at the highest levels of speed.
  • Kite foiling – early and super easy lift – This wing is fast and tons of fun to kite with
  • Towing – Ideal for bigger and faster waves

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