AXIS HPS 830 – Carbon Hydrofoil wing



AXIS HPS 830 Carbon Wing

Technical Data:

WINGSPAN: 830 mm / 32.68 inches

MAX CHORD: 145mm



ACTUAL AREA 1014 square cm

CAMBER (as % of CHORD): 2.5

VOLUME: 979 cubic cm / 59.74 cubic inches

Recommended use AXIS HPS 830:

  • Winging for intermediate and advanced levels. Medium + wind conditions. Great jumper. Most of our freestyle riders are on the HPS 830 wing on higher winds. The HPS 830 turns on a dime, is very stable when dropping on proper waves with the wing, and feels intuitive and easy while performing at the highest levels of speed.
  • SUP / Surf – You need skill and power to ride the HPS 830 on the surf – but it’s explosive
  • Wake foiling – It’s a smaller wing, so it takes skill to wake on it
  • Pump Foiling – While the HPS pumps and glides beautifully with a handwing, it’s not a wing to dock start or flat water pumping
  • Kite foiling – early and super easy lift – This wing is fast and tons of fun to kite with
  • Towing Foiling – fun for head high or smaller waves

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