Axis Rear Wing 500mm


The Axis Rear Wing 500mm is the most stable of our rear wings. Ideal for the entry level and all round riders, the 500 will make your ride as stable as it gets. Suggested as an all round companion to the axis larger front wings (1020, 920).

You can combine the 500 rear wing with either the Standard, Short or ULTRA Short Red Fuselages for quicker turning and looser feel.

When you purchase the AXIS 500 carbon rear wing we include an AXIS padded cover with zipper, in heather gray, and AXIS branding, for safer setup, transportation and storage.

WINGSPAN: 500 mm / 19.69 in 

CHORD: 90 mm / 3.54 in


ACTUAL AREA : 360.77 cm² / 55.92 IN² 

PROJECTED AREA: 342.55 cm² / 214.35 IN² 

VOLUME: 130.8 cm³ / 8 IN³ 

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