Lieuwe Awesome



Lieuwe Awesome kiteboard, the ultimate freeride/beginner board, Designed for upwind performance and early plaining, this is a perfect board to learn and progress on.

Add Your Pads Save 20%

Lieuwe Standard Pads

The Lieuwe standard pad is the most comfortable binding. Perfect for larger feet, and winter sessions with surf shoes. Yet, a great fit for a good free ride session. The pad can be positioned in multiple ways, and the straps can be tightened at both sides with one velcro left and right.

Lieuwe Pro Pads

The Lieuwe Pro pads are super comfortable yet high performance twin tip pads. Features of the pads are:
-increased damping in the pad
-added grip on the pads by the toe ridge and heel curving
-anti-slippery base layer
-extra strong screw connecter
-multi adjustable pad positioning
-multi adjustable strap for all type of foot shapes

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