Slingshot Machine V2 LW



Now in its 2nd year the Slingshot Machine V2 returns even lighter and more optimised to provide power when the wind speed simply isn’t there.

Package Includes:

Slingshot Machine V2 LW Kite, Kite Bag, QSG, Bladder Patch K


Slingshot Sentry V1

+  All new quick release is proven and ISO certified, ensuring the quickest and most de pendable safety release. It’s click-in functionality is quicker, safer and easier to reload than other systems.

+ New Softer EVA grip is soft and plush allowing you to spend more time on the water with less fatigue

+ You asked for it! New PU coated center lines allow for smooth & effortless bar travel with added durability

+ The combination of our Auto Swiveling Center Hole and Ceramic Ball Bearing Swivel results is perfectly untwisted lines all the time

+ State of the art design provides clean field of view free of gimmicks

+ Comes complete with our new short freeride leash to prevent tangles 17” x 20m // 20” x 20m + 3m ext. // 23” x 27m | SKU 1213830 SENTRY V1 Package includes: Sentry Bar, Sentry Bar Bag, Short Freeride Leash & Sentry Bar QSG

Slingshot Kim K Kite Pump


The Slingshot Kim K kite pump makes inflating even your 17m kite a breeze. It's larger, taller, sturdier and has more volume than the traditional kite pump. Newly engineered seals and piston.

The Slingshot Kim K kite pump Comes standard with kite tether and hook, kite-tuned Slingshot pressure gauge, integrated sand filter, premium high-flow and extra-durable hose, and the two extra kite nozzles to fit most most kites on the market - make this the finest standard-height pump ever produced. Not recommended for inflation higher than 13 PSI.

DIAMETER: 10” ( 25.4 CM )

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