Ozone Kitesurfing Lines – Line Set



Taking it to the next level again, Ozone have upgraded our 500kg/300kg Kitesurf and Snowkite lines to the latest and greatest futuristic material!

The new two-colored flying Ozone kitesurfing lines are made out of the latest SK99 Dyneema fibre. This new fibre is stronger and less sensitive to shrinkage and stretch! Combined with new industry-leading braiding technology this will not only keep your lines at factory length for a longer time but also provides a more direct feeling and connection to your kite – especially steering inputs are more immediate with less delay giving you a faster, more reactive kite.

The SK99 fibre allows Ozone to reduce line diameter while maintaining high strength. The Kitesurf and Snowkite 300kg back lines have reduced in diameter from 1.1mm to 0.9mm keeping the same strength. From years of feedback Ozone know  customers like the strong and meaty 500kg front lines. Thicker diameter means more material to wear through making them less prone to breaking. Ozone have kept the diameter at 2.2mm on our front lines while increasing the breaking strength by 15%! We will still call this product 500kg even though the breaking strength is higher.

The colour dyeing process has been improved for stronger, longer lasting colours. Ozone lines are now died before braiding the lines – this latest manufacturing technology ensures each fibre gets a full coat of colour. Our new two-colour look makes the line easily visible on any surface and gives a fresh and unique look too!

We are sure you will see and feel the difference with the latest state of the art flying lines from Ozone.


  • Long lasting low stretch lines
  • Colour coded and numbered
  • In-line stopper ball
  • 500kg front lines
  • 300kg back lines
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