Ozone Vortex Ultra-X


The Ozone Vortex Ultra X is a game-changing big air kite that combines advanced technology and precision design for an unparalleled flying experience. With its tightly tuned, lightweight three-strut design and the innovative Aluula airframe, this kite is built to dominate the skies.
Featuring double transversal canopy shaping and a 16-point leading edge bridle connection, the Vortex offers exceptional stability, agility, and responsiveness. Whether you’re an experienced kiter seeking adrenaline-pumping jumps or a beginner looking to push your limits, the Vortex is the perfect companion to take your kiteboarding to new heights.
Experience the power, control, and exhilaration that the Ozone Vortex brings to every session. Elevate your riding and conquer the skies with this high-performance kite.
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