Ozone Fusion V1



The new Ozone Fusion V1 freeride wing marks a paradigm shift in performance. Tailored to riders seeking higher speeds, dynamic jump and flight potential along with previously impossible angles up and downwind.

The Fusion V1 wing is designed around the high-performance planform of the Ozone Flux V1, including the pre-loaded leading edge, which is made with stiff performance dacron and experiences drastically less deformation in strong conditions.

The 100% double surface ram air design creates an enclosed high pressure space between the entire upper and lower surfaces. The internal rib structure supports both sail layers and helps the wing smoothly deal with dynamic pressure differentials when the wing’s angle-of-attack changes.

Package Includes: Ozone Fusion V1 Wing, Fusion V1 Bag, Bladder Patch Kit, Canopy Repair Kit, Waist Leash


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