Discover The Ride Engine Air Box Electric Pump. This revolutionary product is designed to enhance your Kite, Wing, or Sup Experience. This innovative air box utilizes advanced technology to provide efficient and effortless kit inflation. With its sleek design and superior functionality, the Ride Engine Air Box ensures optimal performance and convenience for riders of all levels.

This may be overkill for many people, or a toy to show off down the beach however how many times have you been out for a session wanting or needing to switch wing or kite size and just stay riding, with the Air Box Pump, It takes out the pain of re-rigging, connect it up pump or your kite or wing whilst packing down your other and you are good to go.

Due to the compact size of the Ride Engine Air Box this makes a perfect travel pump, Smaller than a manual pump but powerful enough for a week of sessions.

We are very excited for this product and are expecting stock Jan 2024, This will be limited to a first come first server basis so don’t wait around pre-order now –

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