The Ozone Fusion V1, what we know before the release

In the world of innovative technology, The Ozone Fusion V1 is a game changer that is revolutionising the way we think about power and performance in the winging world.

Set to release in the Next few days, Ozone have been slowly pushing information to the public through videos and a great interview that can be found on the Tonic Mag website

What do we know about the Ozone Fusion V1

This is the worlds First double surface ram air design wing to hit the market.

Five years ago the Fusion V1 project began. The goal was to combine Ozone’s manufacturing expertise with their immense knowledge of foil kite, inflatable kite, paraglider and wingsuit design.

The idea behind the wing was to overall improve aerodynamics of wings themselves. A single skin wing can only do this to a certain point no matter what materials are used. Once it reaches a certain point especially when overpowered it will start to flap.That’s the frame distorting and loosening the tension on the canopy, which then flaps.That creates drag, and it makes the wing hard to handle.

By using similar Ram air technology found in Ozone’s top Race kite the R1 and Freeride kite the Chrono V5, Ozone were able to manipulate the shape of the the Fusion V1 wing to allow them to drastically reduces the drag associated with a
single surface wing.

What does this mean for the rider?

The Ozone Flux V1 will be the go to wing for Majority of riders, however if your looking for pure speed and boosty peformance maybe the Fusion V1 is just for you.

As you develop speed with a ram air, the wing becomes stiffer and more aerodynamically efficient, the faster you go the better it is,

Compared to a single skin where the faster you go the more chance of the frame deforming and loosing the efficiency of the wing

Who is the Fusion V1 for?

The Fusion V1 will not be the wing for everyone and it doesn’t stand against the other wings you can buy now, it will create it’s own niche in the market.

If you want a wing for wave riding maybe this is not for you, although Ozone have put in features to stop the Fusion taking on water you would still be better off with a single skin like the Flux V1 or the Ozone Fly V1

However if you want to reach new speeds, ride a smaller foil or boost to the moon this may be the wing for you.

Ozone Fusion V1 videos

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