Feature Friday

Eleveight Kites

Welcome to our first feature Friday, this is where we will be taking a closer look at our brands and identify special features that they bring to the table.

This week we are taking a closer look at one of the newest but fastest growing kite companies on the market Eleveight Kites.

Trailing Edge Shaping

Eleveight Kites Unity Watersports
Eleveight Kites
Eleveight Kites Unity Watersports

This may come across as a very simple part to the kite, however the trailing edge effects how the kite flies, it is the final area where air needs to flow cleanly over the surface to create a nice smooth power delivery.

So why is this such a stand out feature on the Eleveight Kites?

Eleveight use angled reinforcements along the trailing edge, rather then parallel to the leading edge. This diffuses the load and strain on the canopy by creating tension point in the material, making it more durable, improving kite stability. It reduces flutter and vibration in the leading edge increasing the life span of the material on your kite.

Eleveight Kites Unity Watersports

This Feature can be found across the whole range of kites, and when flying the FS and WS recently we could really feel this at work during the flutter free kite loops

For more information on the brand feel free to get in touch with one of our team, hello@unitywatersports.com

Come check back next week where we will be looking into another product and what we believe is a feature you need to know about,

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