It’s not long now before we see the release of the Shinnworld kiteboarding range. And we have to say we are getting extremely excited at Unity.

Mark Shinn is one of the legends in the industry and has one of the best board line ups in the market today. If you ever come down the south coast of the u.k you will see the majority of riders on Shinn.

Mark Shinn has been putting some sneaky posts on the facebook page, so make sure you go over there and follow follow follow!

We know limited facts so far but we do know the twintip board range is due very soon.

And some dedicated Sup and wingsurf boards will be coming too. 

“The Blue board is a 4’8″ prone surf and wingsurf board for more advanced riders. The rear board is a beginners Wing board and SUPfoil board. Yes there is a plan to make them in serial production… keep watching this space” (Shinn world facebook)


Photos taken from Shinn world Facebook page


2020 Shinn twin tip
SHINN KITEBOARDS 2020 Unity Watersports

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