Feature Friday (week 2)

Ozone Kites

Welcome to our second feature Friday, this is where we will be taking a closer look at our brands and identify special features that they bring to the table.

This week we are going to looking at a brand we have worked with for nearly 10 years, Ozone kite, more specifically the new Ozone Contact bar.

Ozone kites Unity Watersports

The Ozone contact bar has been a firm favourite of ours foe the last few years due to it’s simplicity. This is something you are starting to see across the indutry now as what is the point on having over complicated system that are being used in harsh condition on a sometimes daily basis.

So what i our favourite feature of this bar setup?

The New kite lines.

Made in ozones own factory the new two-colored flying lines are made out of the latest SK99 Dyneema fibre. This new fibre is stronger and less sensitive to shrinkage and stretch! Combined with new industry-leading braiding technology this will not only keep your lines at factory length for a longer time but also provides a more direct feeling and connection to your kite – especially steering inputs are more immediate with less delay giving you a faster, more reactive kite.

Ozone have managed to shrink the diameters of the lines right down and increase the strength by 15%

Back lines are 0.9m and front lines only 2mm, this makes them some of the strongest yet thinnest lines on the market, and personally moving on to these new lines there has been a noticeable reduction of drag and turning reaction.

Best of all the lines are available to order in sets of 2 and in sizes 15,20,23,25 and 27m lines, and will work with most brands as long as all 4 lines have equal length ( pig tails may need to be adjusted).

If you would like more info on the new lines please feel free to get in touch


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