Feature Friday (week 3)

Slingshot Wake

Welcome to our Third feature Friday and the final one for 2017.

This week we are going to be looking at a brand very well known in the kiting industry, who also like to make a big statement in the wakeboarding industry and that is Slinghot.

Slingshot Wake Unity Watersports

The New Slingshot Wake boot collection has some superb features, wether it’s the walkable linings of the Shredtown boots, or the new K9 mounting system removing the need for a massive base plate meaning a more direct connection to the board.

This week we are taking a look at the slingshot Gummy strap simple and innovate, soloution to the old velcro straps.

Gummy Straps

In technical terms, Gummy Straps are super strong, high-tension Thermoplastic Poly Urethane (TPU). In rider’s terms, Gummy Straps are a rad new way to cinch your boots tight and keep them tight no mater how long you ride or how hard you crash. No more loosening over time, no more Velcro blow outs, no more cumbersome closure systems: Gummy Straps stretch when you fasten them, then squeeze your boots tight as you ride. They’re also easily interchangeable and each boot comes with two sets of colours so you can customize your style. (see video below)

Each new set of Bindings comes with 2 sets of straps so you can swap the colour out from the get go, or extra strap can be ordered to suit your style.

The Gummy strap are not just great for wake, they make life much easier when you have  kite in the sky, you can get the boot tight and have no worries that sand or grit will loosen the hold of a standard velcro boot.

If you would like more info on the new wake line please feel free to get in touch


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