Feature Friday (week 6)

Slingshot Kites

Welcome to our Fifth feature Friday and we are going to be looking further in to one of the most successful kites ever made. The Slingshot RPM

Slingshot kites Unity Watersports

Slingshot RPM

Eight years ago Slingshot’s mad-scientist designers locked themselves in the lab and made it their mission to stitch together all the best features into a single kite. They labored obsessively, and when all was said and done it gave rise to the RPM. This entirely new shape and profile provided riders with the drift of a wave kite, more pop than any bridled kite before it. the relaunch of a hybrid and the depower of a delta. The RPM is a freak, and they’re proud to call it their pride and joy.

3 Years ago Slingshot introduced a brand new feature to the RPM. Not seen on any other Brand, and it’s still going strong on the 2018 RPM.

Slingshot kites Unity Watersports

Slinghsot IRS BRIDLE

The Intuitive Response System (IRS) is an unprecedented new development that replaces the RPM’s former pulley system with a revolutionary shock-absorbing bridal that constantly distributes line tension as the kite moves through the wind window. Rather than pulleys moving back and forth along the bridal, the IRS flexes and retracts. keeping the bridal trim and slack-free and giving the kite a quicker, smoother and more responsive feel.

With the elimination of the lag time created by pulleys moving up and down the bridal. The IRS gives the new RPM a faster, more responsive and more directly-connected feel to the kite. Turning speeds will feel about the same , although reaction time will feel faster and transitions smoother. you will also notice a more uniform feel when sheeting in and out with the new bridal.

The IRS Bridle along with the new D2 trailing edge and shaping on the 2018 RPM is going to make it a killer kite

If you would like more info on the Slingshot RPM, please feel free to get in touch


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